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Google are tracking you (and so are many others). This most of us know I am sure. That is how they make their money. But, some of us like our privacy… I have been using a cool privacy and proxy service for a while. To show the differences in Google searches from the where I am based in the UK, take a look at the following: Disconnect OFF: Standard Chrome search (disconnect me search turned off):

proxy-service-Chrom- search
In this case, I get all the UK news results. Disconnect ON: When disconnect is turned on, notice the difference for such a simple search term:

Now I get all the USA news sites. Disconnect me search options: The difference between the two was turning the following setting on and off:

  Tracking websites and advertisements: What about all of those tracking sites and advertisements on websites? Here is Yahoo.com with disconnect not blocking much:

  But , this is what Yahoo.com looks like when I have turned on blocking of content:

Visualize a Tracking sites: You can visualize the tracking sites:

  Wired.com: Here is an example of wired.com:

  Techcrunch: Here is techcrunch.com:

  Whitelist a site: Whitelist a website like Tech Crunch and get lots of tracking and lots of adverts (There are 94 entries on this page):

  And a visual map of what is going on:

Encrypt wireless traffic: Disconnect me can also encrypt wireless traffic:

More information: Much more detail can be found here: https://disconnect.me/


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