HP VAN SDN Controller v2.3 released

HP VAN SDN Controller version 2.3 released

HP released an updated version of the HP VAN SDN Controller on the 30th of July 2014. This is the third release of the controller in the last 9 months and adds more features.

This is a very short introduction – I will be creating more blog entries and videos on lots of these topics in the coming weeks.

A quick timeline of releases:

  • November 2013 – release 2.0
  • March 2014 – release 2.2 (no version 2.1 released)
  • July 2014 – release 2.3

A quick overview of some features and history:

  • Version 2.0 of the controller was a pure SDN controller supporting only OpenFlow. In a pure SDN environment network devices are controlled by the controller and have no local “brain”. All decisions are made by the controller. In version 2.0 both ProVision and Comware (limited number) of switches are supported.
  • Version 2.2 introduced hybrid processing mode. This essentially means that both the switch and the controller have a “brain”. The local “brain” on the switch can process packets normally and the controller can enhance switch functionality by adding flow entries. An example application that does this is the Network Protector app. Network Protector intercepts DNS queries by adding a flow entry to edge switches to direct DNS packets to the controller. Hybrid support was not available on HP Comware switches with version 2.2 of the controller. There was also no upgrade path from 2.0 to 2.2. You had to uninstall 2.0 and then do a fresh install of 2.2
  • Version 2.3 of the controller extends south bound protocol support beyond OpenFlow. Protocols currently supported include SNMP and NetConf, but these can be extended using the faceted device driver framework. SNMP can be used for example to retrieve more information about a switch than OpenFlow provides. Hybrid support has now been extended to HP Comware 5500HI switches. An upgrade path now also exists to upgrade version 2.2 to 2.3.

Other version 2.3 updates include:

  • HP Appstore integrated directly into controller. Apps can be downloaded directly from the appstore to the controller.
  • Teaming has changed –affects election process, Java and REST APIs.
  • External Keystone server supported at installation
  • New version of Network Protector supported (version 1.1)
  • New version of Network Optimizer supported (version 1.1)
  • REST API changes

See the release notes here for more information.

I will be discussing more of these topics and will be recording demonstrations in upcoming YouTube videos and blog entries.

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