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SDN 101: OpenFlow, HP Virtual Routers and GNS3

In a previous blog entry, I showed you how to integrate Mininet and GNS3 (SDN 101: Mininet (OpenFlow) and GNS3) for learning SDN and OpenFlow. Mininet is free, open source software which makes it really easy to learn. You can also download free, open source controllers like OpenDaylight and ONOS. I will now show you […]

SDN 101: Mininet (OpenFlow) and GNS3

In this blog entry I am going to show you how to set up an OpenFlow enabled network running in Mininet with GNS3 devices and an SDN Controller. This network will run both OpenFlow and traditional networking. You will find this kind of set up useful when learning SDN and OpenFlow. See the GNS3 academy […]

DNS IOS and Ubuntu

Simple DNS solutions for a test or development network

Use Cisco IOS DNS server or Ubuntu DNS server: I recently had to setup a test DNS server for a lab environment. This only had to work for about 20 hostnames. A few options came to mind: Setup a basic DNS server on Cisco IOS in GNS3 Setup a basic DNS server on Ubuntu Setup […]