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SDN 101: Integrating Mininet on Raspberry Pi

How to install and run OpenFlow switches on a Raspberry Pi using Mininet Mininet is a network emulator that can create and emulate an entire OpenFlow network locally on your PC, or in this case, a Raspberry Pi. This is similar in concept to network emulators such as GNS3. Mininet may even be added to […]

SDN 101: OpenFlow, HP Virtual Routers and GNS3

In a previous blog entry, I showed you how to integrate Mininet and GNS3 (SDN 101: Mininet (OpenFlow) and GNS3) for learning SDN and OpenFlow. Mininet is free, open source software which makes it really easy to learn. You can also download free, open source controllers like OpenDaylight and ONOS. I will now show you […]

SDN 101: Mininet (OpenFlow) and GNS3

In this blog entry I am going to show you how to set up an OpenFlow enabled network running in Mininet with GNS3 devices and an SDN Controller. This network will run both OpenFlow and traditional networking. You will find this kind of set up useful when learning SDN and OpenFlow. See the GNS3 academy […]

HPN SDN Controller Link Discovery

HPN SDN Controller Link Discovery

    HP Link Discovery document: HP have released a guide explaining how BDDP is used for link discovery on the HP VAN SDN Controller. This really guide is worth reading. In the past, the HP controller used LLDP and BDDP messages for link discovery. This has changed and only BDDP is now used for link […]

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SDN and OpenFlow Overview – Open SDN, SDN via APIs and Overlay based SDN

In this video we discuss the emerging SDN technology and how it is changing networking as we know it. We discuss the various definitions of SDN including the OpenFlow protocol. The three main definitions of SDN are: 1) Open SDN using OpenFlow 2) SDN via APIs 3) SDN via Overlays  

OpenFlow switch configuration - HP Procurve and Comware with the HP VAN SDN controller

OpenFlow switch configuration – HP Procurve and Comware with the HP VAN SDN controller

In this video David Bombal demonstrates the configuration of OpenFlow on physical HP switches. Both Comware and ProVision configuration are explained. The switches are integrated with the HP VAN SDN Controller which updates the flow tables on the switches. David explains the OpenFlow flow tables on both the Controller and the switches. The switches used […]

RSdoc – REST API documentation for OpenFlow and SDN

RSdoc – REST API documentation for OpenFlow and SDN

In this video David Bombal explains RSdoc, which provides semi-automated interactive RESTful API documentation. It offers a useful way to interact with REST APIs on the HP VAN SDN Controller, updating OpenFlow flow tables on switches. RSdoc is useful as an API online documentation tool. It provides a catalog of all the REST APIs on […]

DNS IOS and Ubuntu

Simple DNS solutions for a test or development network

Use Cisco IOS DNS server or Ubuntu DNS server: I recently had to setup a test DNS server for a lab environment. This only had to work for about 20 hostnames. A few options came to mind: Setup a basic DNS server on Cisco IOS in GNS3 Setup a basic DNS server on Ubuntu Setup […]


Spanning Tree and OpenFlow

Questions I often get asked include: Can you run Spanning Tree and OpenFlow together? What happens when Spanning Tree blocks a port? What will OpenFlow do? Will not having redundant links in an OpenFlow network result in loops? Firstly, it is possible to run an OpenFlow network connected to the HP VAN SDN Controller with […]


OpenFlow Datapath ID (DPID)

How are OpenFlow switches identified? Each OpenFlow instance on a switch is identified by a Datapath Identifier. This is a 64 bit number determined as follows according to the OpenFlow specification: “The datapath_id fleld uniquely identifies a datapath. The lower 48 bits are intended for the switch MAC address, while the top 16 bits are […]